Assembly and Deployment

Mark Our Spot is easy to assemble!

Mark Our Spot Assembled - No tools are needed. Mark Our Spot™ is strong, very light, assembles from approx 3 to 6 to 10 feet (approx. 0.9144 to 1.8288 to 3.048 meters) tall and is reusable. It conveniently disassembles into three pieces (each pole is just a little taller than 3 feet (0.9144 meters) high), includes a Ground Stake and Swivel Arm with your selection from eight different Windsocks, plus a FREE high quality carrying bag and FREE shipping!

Use at the Beach, Lake, Concerts, Picnics, Parties, Ballgames,
Fundraising and Sporting Events!

We’ve all been there! When that small gathering you thought would be easy to find your way back to, ends up becoming more crowded as the day goes on. Suddenly, it's a bigger challenge than you thought finding where your spot was! Finding your blanket, your family and friends is not so easy at times!  Mark Our Spot makes it easy! Just stake your spot, and never be lost again!

Ah the lazy days of summer, filled with sporting events, long relaxing days at the beach, concerts and picnics! Whether you are swimming in the ocean, or walking to a concession stand, we seem to gravitate away and end up at a slightly different place from where we began! With Mark My Spot, there is NO NEED TO WORRY or Panic! Mark Our Spot has you covered! Just mark your spot, so you can easily see your bright Orange Pole and Windsock from hundreds of feet away! Even from the ocean, you can spot your marker and swim closer to it! A GREAT marker to keep your kids feeling safe and secure! Once you stake out your spot, just show your children, THIS is where we MEET if we get separated! Obviously Mark Our Spot is not a substitute for keeping a CLOSE eye on your little ones, but for older kids, this is ideal! Easily assembles and disassembles in minutes, and the carry bag, makes it easy and compact to keep in your car.

Watch the Assembly Quick Start Video


Important: Stay Away from Power Lines that are Overhead and Utilities that are Buried! The pole stands approx. 10+ feet, (approx. 3.048+ meters) in height with the ground stake attached and not inserted in the ground.

Safety First!

Secure High Quality Carry Bag

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with your parts. No tools will be needed.
a) 3
- Poles
b) 3 - Ferrules 
(top pole has swivel eye attached)
c) 2 - Orange Hoses
d) 1 - Ground Stake
e) 1 - Swivel Arm
f) 1 - Windsock (per your selection)
g) 2 - Velcro Straps
h) 1 - Carry Bag

Step 2

The top Ferrule has the built in swivel eye to which you will attach the Swivel Arm. Then you will connect it to the windsock. The other two Ferrules are identical. They should already be on the Poles, but if given a tug they will slide off and are easy to place back on.

Step 3

Three Poles attached with Ferrules. The Ferrules slide on to the Poles. The Ferrule with the Swivel Eye on bottom has the Ferrule FULLY SECURED onto the pole. The other two Ferrules should be on 50% of each pole for a secure fit.

Step 4 (Hose may already be installed)

Take the top pole with the swivel on top and slide the Orange hose onto the pole. Note: There should not be a ferrule on the bottom of the pole, just on the top. Do not push hose over a ferrule!

Step 5 (Hose may already be installed)

Take the second pole and slide the Orange hose onto the pole, opposite the end with the ferrule. The hose should be centered in the middle of the pole. Then Slide on a ferrule 50% onto the top of the second pole.

Step 6

Take the Swivel Arm, and screw it into the top ferrule with the swivel eye on it.

Step 7

Once the Swivel Arm is secure to the Swivel Eye, secure your
windsock with the safety clip.

Step 8

Secure the Middle Pole to the Top Pole, making sure the ferrule is 50% on both poles. Note: The Orange hose SHOULD NOT COVER either end of the ferrules. Should a ferrule become stuck inside of the hose, just take the pole, and push through the other end, until the ferrule pops out.

Step 9

Take the ground stake with the set screw and place the stake into the ground or sand. Please make sure the stake goes in straight and deep to make it secure to avoid any tripping issues. 

Step 10

You may want to use your shoe heel to tamp it down securely.

Step 11

Take the third pole with no orange hose around it and place it in the stake and tighten it securely to the stake using the set screw onto the pole.

Step 12

Make certain the set screw is secured in well, tug up to make certain the pole cannot move out of place.

Step 13

Join the two Orange poles and place the second orange pole 50% into the ferrule that is standing up from the pole from the ground stake.

Step 14

If the ferrules are not 50% on both poles, they will not be secure in a wind environment, PLEASE be sure to check that carefully!


Congratulations, you're all set! It’s that simple! If you want a shorter pole, (perhaps for your smaller children to see it easily) just place the swivel pole with windsock at any height you desire.


Step 1

Just disconnect the poles from each other by tugging on the poles on either end of the ferrule.

Step 2

Leave the hose and the ferrules in place to make assembly easier for the next time!

Step 3

Unscrew the Swivel Arm out of the Swivel Eye on the top pole. You can leave the windsock attached onto the swivel arm.

Step 4

Unscrew the bottom pole by releasing the set screw slightly just to loosen the pole. Make sure the set screw stays in the ground stake.

Step 5

Remove the stake from the ground.

Step 6

Place all contents safely back into the high-quality carry bag.

Step 7

After placing all contents back in bag, secure the top of the carry bag with the white drawstring cord and draw close the bag.


Place the compact bag in your car, where it will always be available, for the Next Time!

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