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Product Guarantee
Warranty, Return Policy & Product information/Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with a purchase simply return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund on PURCHASE PRICE (shipping costs are not refundable). Mark Our Spot™ does not pay for the cost to return items. Products returned are subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

Products which may be defective or damaged in shipping will be replaced, repaired or refunded at the discretion of Mark Our Spot™. You have 14 calendar days to report an item that has been received as damaged. This allows us to file claims against our carrier in a timely manner. Inspect your product upon arrival and notify us immediately of any issues/concerns over condition.

Our refund policy does not cover products damaged due to neglect, improper usage or application, wind damage or other acts of nature such as fading, sun rot or mildew. Our refund policy does not cover products which are special ordered, denoted as custom made or imprinted on the customer’s behalf.

Our refund/warranty policy only covers products intended for private use and does not cover products intended for commercial, public, 3rd party or rental usages.

Mark Our Spot™ reserves the right to make a selection on the customer’s behalf in order to expedite the shipping process if a particular Windsock is out of stock and/or replacement part has not been included with the customer’s order.

Returned packages are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

UPS now charges shippers for packages returned as refused or otherwise undeliverable. Orders returned as such will be credited less the return shipping fees and the aforementioned stocking fee.

We rely on our customers to provide us with all customer information required to ship your order in a timely manner. UPS charges Mark Our Spot™ $12.50 for each address correction. Mark Our Spot™ reserves the right to assess these charges to the customer’s account when the customer has failed to provide a full and accurate shipping address.

UPS makes three delivery attempts, after which the shipment will be returned. UPS charges for the return. Mark Our Spot™ reserves the right to assess all return shipping fees (not to exceed the original shipping charges) to the customer’s account.

After receiving a Return Authorization number. Write the Return Authorization Number BOLDLY and CLEARLY on the Box, returned items must be shipped to: LAS, Inc. (USA Returns) 2 Laurel Hill Path, St. James, NY 11780

Email addres:

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I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE INHERENT RISKS INVOLVED WITH SWIMMING, SCUBA DIVING, SURFING, WINDSURFING, BOATING, HIKING, CAMPING, FISHING, HUNTING, SPORTS, CYCLING ON OR OFF ROAD, MOTORCROSS, HORSEBACK RIDING, PICNICS, TAILGATING, BBQING, GOING TO THE PARK, SPORTING EVENTS, PARTIES AND CONCERTS including but not limited to equipment failure, acts of other participants, adverse sea and weather conditions, and I HEREBY ASSUME SUCH RISKS, including but not limited to accidents, violence, equipment failure, perils of the water, terrain, sharing the road with vehicles, sports, crowds, acts of other participants, and adverse conditions, and I HEREBY ASSUME SUCH RISKS.

I UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE A DUTY TO EXERCISE REASONABLE CARE FOR MY OWN SAFETY, MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS AND THOSE AROUND ME AND I AGREE TO DO SO. I assert that I am physically fit to participate in sports, activities and events listed above.

I will not hold Mark Our Spot™,™, and/or L.A.S., Inc. or their employees, agents or other associated personnel responsible if I am injured as a result of ANY problems (medical, accidental or otherwise) which occur while using Mark Our Spot™ or otherwise participating in any activity. I fully understand that boating vessels and other indoor and outdoor activity locations have limited medical facilities and that in the event of illness or injury, appropriate care must be summoned by radio and treatment will be delayed until I can be transported to a proper medical facility.

I agree in advance to these conditions. Mark Our Spot™,™, and L.A.S., Inc. have made no representations to me, implied or otherwise, including Mark Our Spot™ is fit for your specific use. I agree to forever discharge and release Mark Our Spot™,™, and L.A.S., Inc., its employees and agents, owner(s) and affiliates, from any and all responsibility or liability for any and all injuries or damages. I agree NOT to make a claim against or sue any of the above parties for injuries or damages whether they arise or result from any NEGLIGENCE or other liability, EVEN IN CASES OF GROSS NEGLIGENCE.

I further specifically agree, on behalf of myself, my heirs and assigns, to indemnify and hold harmless the released parties for any and all causes of action arising as a consequence of any incidents which might occur as a consequence of my participation in any activities with or involving the released parties. I HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT, UNDERSTAND IT, AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY IT, FROM THE DATE OF MY PURCHASE, FOREVER INTO THE FUTURE.